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Winter Harvest


Hosted by Canton of Burnfield at Wyper Park Bundaberg.




A camping weekend at Burnfield full of mirth and mayhem. With 9 rapier fighters 3 of which were newly authorized minors and fun was had by all.  With ties in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th places, showed the level of skills we all saw. 

A best of 3 bout to decide the Burnfield Champion, with Baron Somerled and Lord Colum MacFheradaigh entering the field to decide their fate. Both won a bout with their mighty skills but it was Baron Somerled who was to win. Heavy fighting was also on the agenda but with only 4 ready for a bash, it was decided to train instead and encourage some newbies to armour up and to have a bash.  Archery was also a main event with 16 adults competing for the prize, with Wulfgar Strongarm from the lands of Burnfield shooting the highest points.  The minors showed their skills with a bow and arrow and it was Roskva from the lands of Draks Fjord that truly hit the mark.

Here are some photos that was taken at the event. 

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