Stegby Newcomers Event

An event for the new and new at heart.

Small one day event with demonstrations of medieval fighting and fantastic feasting.
All are welcome, please come and show our newcomers what the SCA is all about. 

Arts and Sciences Competition - Your interpretation of a medieval board game. Prize given for an Adult and for a child (13 and under)

Date:    2013-11-09
Warwick Senior Citizens Hall
13 Albert Street (Cnr Guy Street)
Warwick Q 4370

Adult Members $20 Non Members $25
Youth Members (14 and under)$10 Non Members $15
Off Board $10 adults $5 Children + non members event fee

*Steward Details*
Real Name:    Jessica Bredenhof
SCA Name:    Serena D'Honneur
Email Address:

*Booking Details*
Booking Contact:
Lady Gabriella Borromei
Bookings Close:    2013-11-02

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