Baronial Policies for the Barony of River Haven

Last Updated September 2017
Baronial Policies August 2017 PDF

These policies are in additional to Kingdom Law and Corpora

1.1 Release Details
Documents Name: Barony of River Haven Baronial Policies

1.2 Version History
Version Changes Date
1 21/08/2013
2 Draft 01/05/2016
3 Final Draft 25/08/2017


The purpose of this document is to ensure that duties and services within the Barony of River Haven and its Cantons are performed in a consistent manner and in conformance with Corpora and Lochac Law. These policies are additional to Kingdom Law and Corpora, but should be read in conjunction with them. All Kingdom Law or Corpora changes affecting these policies automatically supersede and update these policies.

2.1 Review of Baronial Policies

The Baronial policies shall be reviewed at the first Baronial Council Meeting of the year (January or February) or as required by the Barony. The Baronial Seneschal will provide written notice of the Policy Meeting via the River Haven Rag, Yahoo Group or any other Mailing Lists and updates on any Social Media sites at least one meeting or 4 Weeks in advance. The Baronial Policy Document will be made available with this notification.

Submissions of changes to the Baronial Policies shall be made to the Baronial Seneschal electronically via e-mail to and or by post to PO Box 728, Lutwyche Qld 4030.

Review as a result of Lochac Law, SCA Australia and New Zealand Policy or SCA Corpora changes will only require review of the sections that are affected.

Changes and review of the Baronial Policy are subject to acceptance by the Baron and Baroness of River Haven and the Baronial Seneschal. These changes are not a matter for "voting" by the populace. Baronial Policies are secondary to Lochac Law, SCA Australia and SCA Corpora.

Word Meaning
Corpora The common use name for the SCA Organisational Handbook.
Kingdom of Lochac /Lochac That area geographically which takes in the mundane countries of Australia and New Zealand
Kingdom Law The laws of the Kingdom of Lochac
Barony of River Haven That area geographically which takes in the Barony of River Haven and its Cantons, current as well as any in the future, including any Colleges.
The Barony A shortened form of Barony of River Haven and when used denotes all groups contained within Barony of River Haven.
River Haven That area within the Barony of River Haven where the postcodes have not been assigned to any Canton of the Barony.
Canton Sub-group of the Barony of River Haven
Hamlet A hamlet is a social group within the game, but is not a formal SCA entity in the same sense as a Shire, Canton or Barony. It has a minimum membership of five people. It is easiest to think of a hamlet as the next step up from a household - but it is distinct from a household because, once established, it is a recognised entity that is not tied to any one person or family. A hamlet can exist within the territory of a Barony or a Shire, but a hamlet cannot be created inside a hamlet. Hamlets are created by the Crown, under advice from the Kingdom Seneschal and, if they are within a Barony, the relevant Baron and Baroness
3.1 Precedence

The order of precedence of laws and rules from highest to lowest is:
3.1.1. Mundane Law
3.1.2 SCA Australia Constitution for business operations
3.1.3 Corpora for in game rules & explicit exemptions
3.1.4 Kingdom Law
3.1.5 Baronial Policies


The Baronial Council consists of the Baron and Baroness, Baronial Seneschal, Canton/Incipient Canton Seneschals and Baronial Officers. All Council meetings are open to the general populace who are encouraged to attend. In additional, the Baronial Seneschal may appoint as many Deputy Seneschals to undertake specific tasks as deemed necessary.

5.1 Requirements to be an Officer

All Offices and Officer's rules and regulations are covered by Corpora and Kingdom Law.

Required officers are specified in Corpora and Kingdom Law. Non-compliance to these requirements will be subject to the penalties as specified by Kingdom Law.

Baronial Officers are required to attend all Baronial Council Meetings unless a valid reason for non‐attendance is given prior to meeting time. Special consideration will be given to those that live away from the meeting location. This requirement is because a quorum of at least two Greater Officers and one Minor Officer is required to make the meeting and decisions made at the meeting official. Under special circumstances the use of Skype or similar software is allowed.

Officers should report as follows:
  1. Baronial Officers
    1. Monthly to the Baronial Council via River Haven Yahoo Mailing List with copies to the Baronial Seneschal and the Baron and Baroness.
    2. Quarterly reports: "Other officers of Baronies and Shires: by the 15th of February, May, August, and November."
  2. Canton Officers
    1. Monthly to the Canton Seneschal and to their Baronial Officer.
    2. Canton/College Seneschals are to report monthly to the Baronial Seneschal.
    3. To their respective Kingdom Officer, with cc your baronial officer.
    4. If the Canton does not have an equivalent to the Baronial Office (e.g. does not have a Chirurgeon, but the Barony does), then the Seneschal should include in their monthly report to the Baronial Seneschal a report on behalf of that empty Office.
  3. Reeves


7.1 Definition of an Event
As per Corpora and Kingdom Law

7.2 Event Approval

Within the Barony, all Events and Demonstrations require a proposal to be put to the Seneschal (Canton Seneschal if a Canton event, Baronial Seneschal for Baronial and Incipient Canton events), Baron and Baroness for consideration at least 12 weeks prior to the event. The proposal should include a description of the event, the date, times, and any theme that will apply. It should include details of the Steward and Head Cook (if food is to be supplied) and most importantly should include a budget.

An Event form is available at: and should be completed and submitted for approval. However, the Seneschal will not approve this event until the council have agreed to the event. Until this event is approved by the respective Seneschal online, the Event is not considered as approved and will not be listed as an event, nor covered by the Society insurance.

This is necessary to ensure that events are spread and do not clash with other events, to enable the best attendance (and thus the best chance of success) at all events.

The twice-yearly Baronial Championship Tourney and Feast is an exception to this, and has automatic inprincipal approval. However, the Event Form for this event must be approved by the Baronial Seneschal as it is considered to be a Baronial event and thus funded by River Haven. (See also "Event Funding"). In the event of an "emergency situation" (i.e. surprise Royal Visit), the Baronial Seneschal and the Baron and Baroness may bypass these policies. In such situation, an extraordinary Baronial Council meeting should be called to approve budget.

7.3 Calendar
The Baronial Calendar will be published monthly in the River Haven Rag, and made available on the River Haven website and social media. Cantons and Incipient Cantons are requested to include this in their own Newsletter (if they have one) and on their website.

The following events and dates are reserved and other groups with The Barony are requested not to book a conflicting event without prior permission from the Baronial or Canton Seneschal in consultation with the Baron and Baroness. In the case of the March and September Baronial only their Excellencies alone might give permission.

  1. Barony
    1. March Baronial Championship Tourney and Feast (2nd weekend in March)
    2. September Baronial Championship Tourney and Feast (2nd weekend in September)
    3. The Baronial Championship will rotate through River Haven and the Cantons. Cantons are not mandated to use this weekend (although it is encouraged) and can change the weekend with approval from the Baron and Baroness and the Baronial Council.

      The Event Form for the Baronial Championship Tourneys must be signed by the Seneschal of the Barony of River Haven as funding for this event comes from River Haven.

    4. Great Northern War 2nd weekend in June starting on the previous Friday.

  2. Cantons (including Incipient Cantons)
  3. Cantons will have one event per year as a reserved date. At the date of this document, these dates are as follows:
    1. Burnfield: 3rd weekend in October
    2. Stegby: 3rd weekend in August.

7.4 Event Funding

7.4.1 Event Funding

There is no private (i.e. self) funding of Events where SCA Group funds have been approved to fund an event (i.e. where an Event Form has been signed).

A Budget must be included with all event proposals. No funds will be given for anything other than those items listed in the Budget unless under exceptional circumstances, and those circumstances must be approved by the Seneschal and the Reeve.

No amounts for "petty cash" will be given.

7.4.2 Funding of March and September Baronial

The Baronial Tourney and Feast held in March and September of each year will be funded solely River Haven, regardless of whether it is Stewarded by River Haven or any Canton. Any budget for these events should have calculated in a reasonable profit, however in the event of a loss, the Barony will cover the amount of the loss.

Should a profit be made at these two events, and the event was stewarded by a Canton (or Incipient Canton), the Canton will be given 50% of the net profit.

7.4.3 Payment for Events

It is preferred that events are pre-paid for. The preferred method of pre-payment is by bank transfer to the funding group's bank account.

All attendees must, however, have the option to pay at the event.

7.4.4 Refunds

Refunds resulting from cancellation of attendance can be given when such cancellation is received up to two (2) weeks prior to the event. Such refunds should be reimbursed when the Cancellation is received or no later than 10 working days after the event is held (via electronic transfer).

Refunds requested from cancellations received less than two (2) weeks before an event will only be made at the discretion of the Steward, Reeve and Seneschal.

Free List
Traditionally in River Haven the free list for Events is:

  • Crown
  • Baron & Baroness
  • Steward
  • Head Cook
  • The steward may include other people or allow discount at their discretion providing that allowance has been made in their budget. Any other free entries must be approved by the Baronial Council.

7.5 Dietary Requirements and Allergies and Provision of Ingredient Lists

Catering for dietary requirements is at the discretion of the Head Cook and the Event Steward. It is the responsibility of the person/persons booking to attend an event to advice when booking of any dietary/allergy requirements that they or other members of their party have.

Those booking who fail to advice of any dietary/allergy requirements at the time of booking may not claim a refund at the event if their requirements have not been met.

Whilst every attempt will be made to cater for dietary requirements (including religious) or allergies, it may not be possible to ensure all requirements are met; in particular some religious requirements for separate preparation areas.

The Menu and Ingredient List should be made available prior to the event so that potential attendees can decide for themselves whether they can be catered for or not.

At the event, the Head Cook is to ensure that a copy of the menu and a list of ingredients (including brand names if possible) is available for perusal at the event.

Off Board is a mandatory option available to persons with dietary/allergy requirements, and the Steward has the right to offer an off-board option to those with unreasonable requests.

7.6 Finalisation of Events

As per required by the SCA Ltd & Kingdom Exchequer


8.1 Payments
  1. All payments must be authorised at a Group Council meeting, unless the payment has been agreed to in principal previously (e.g. cheques required for event funding).
  2. In emergency circumstances, the Seneschal and Reeve may approve issue of a cheque up to the value of $100.00.
  3. All payments must have a requisition form, and a copy of invoice and/or itemised receipts must be provided to enable the payment to be processed. If there is no proof of expenditure, no reimbursement of monies will be processed.
  4. For all other regulations relating to the handling of money within the SCA, refer to the most recent SCA Australia Financial Policy.
8.2 Donations to the Barony
  1. Donations to the Barony (i.e. garb, equipment,) must be accepted by the appropriate Baronial Officer. Donations not accepted will be returned to the Donor or, if they do not wish return, disposed of in an appropriate manner. Once accepted, donations become the property of the Barony and can be utilised or disposed of as the Barony needs.


All events and meetings held at the River Haven Hall, Wesley Street, Lutwyche, must adhere to the Baronial Good Neighbour Policy, as well as Brisbane City Council Terms and Conditions of our use of the Hall at all times. Please see the Seneschal if you have any questions.



At all times, the Barony of River Haven and its Cantons must adhere to the SCA Australia Social Media Policy. In the absence of such a policy, the following must be noted:

  1. The only official forms of communication within the SCA are the following:
    1. E‐mail lists hosted on either Yahoo Groups or the Lochac Mail List Servers
    2. Group Newsletter
  2. All Baronial and Canton Officers are to be members of the River Haven and Canton Officers e‐mail list hosted on Yahoo Groups. This is the means that the Seneschal and Baron and Baroness will use to communicate with Officers.
  3. Refer to SCA Ltd Social Media Policy: