A Simple Guide to performing the River Haven Web Wright Office.

Written by Theophrastus von Oberstockstall, July, 2012, upon the end of his two year office service.

Please keep this site in Adobe Dreamweaver format, as it a good website editing program. The website address is: http://lochac.sca.org/riverhaven/ . FTP host: lochac.sca.org .

Monthly (Must do list):

  1. Maintain current events listings on events.html, with links to further event information pages in the /notices/ directory. Use the RiverhavenNews2010.dwt template for the events details. Move old events to 'Past Events' Listings and maintain link to events details page. Move old A&S activities to ArtsAndSciences.html. Always us the HallLocation.html page to link to the Lutwyche hall.
  2. Include new events notices in the notices.html page and other MAJOR news.
  3. Change the next big event link on the front page of the website on index.html.
  4. Document activity on the websitehistory.html page, mainly a report for monthly council.
  5. Maintain changes (Name, email, and photo) to officer details on the ContactOfficers.html page. Keep images of office holders in the images/People folder. Move old officer information to BarionalOfficers.html.
  6. Update A & S competitions for Kingdom and Baron at competition.html. Move expired competitions to the 'Past' section.
  7. Make the River Haven Rag available on the rag.html page. Place file in the /Files folder.

Quarterly, or thereabouts (Yeah, get around to it List):

  1. Update Awards at awards.html following the Baronial events.
  2. Update Regnum.html page, as groups change their status, eg. proposed Canton.
  3. Check the regular heraldry annoucements for River Haven members device registration announcements and include their device on the rollofarms.html page.

If you have a idle time... (The Dreamer's List)

  1. Add new links and delete broken links on Links.html
  2. Add new gallery groups and include new pictures in the Gallery.html
  3. Fix the Sitemap.html
  4. Improve the information on YourFirstEvent.html, WhoAreYouInTheSCA.html, WhatIsTheSCA.html, speaking.html, Rapier.html, potluck.html, Newcomers.html, MusicBox.html, lochacawards.html, library.html, Heraldry.html, gun.html, Garb.html, Fletching.html, Fighting.html, Feasting.html, children.html, BeginnerGarb.html, Archery.html, ArtsAndSciences.html, and About.html
  5. Beware /images folder is a mess.

Finally, have fun!

  1. Add your own flair by creating a page that adds details to a particular aspect of the Barony or SCA. Over my two year service I created potluck.html, speaking.html, lochacawards.html, children.html, compleat-anachronist.html, tournament.html, luminosity-candles.html, bluntsales.html, competitions.html, gun.html, library.html, and rollofarms.html (which still isn't finished).
  2. And always remember the three words of a good website: "Content, Content, Content".

And if you can do all this then you will be a great Web Wright, worth of praise in the Halls of the Internet SCA pages...

Yours in Service,

Theophrastus von Oberstockstall.