Web Wright Officer Position Available.

Onto the populace of the Barony of River Haven, I send fond greetings,

My two-year term as the Web wright (minor Officer) is coming to a close in July 2012. I am now looking for a Deputy Officer to assist me, over the next 6 months, to learn the role with the aim to taking over as Officer at the September Baronial.

The role has the following Requirements:
Requirements include, but are not limited to:-

  1. Willingness to maintain the River Haven web site. Eg., regularly updating Officer Contacts, upload Baronial newsletters and maintain the Events listings.
  2. Be a current member of the SCAA or SCANZ
  3. Possess the technical skills necessary to maintain a web site (See below)
  4. Access and moderation of YAHOO email list, & Facebook page. [Guided by Baronial Policy].
  5. Subscribe to the Web Minister mailing list: http://lochac.sca.org/mailman/listinfo/webministers
  6. The Group and Regional Web Minister is required to be conversant with the governing documents that pertain to the office.
  7. Assist Canton, Shires &/or Colleges Web Wrights within the Barony.

Required Technical Skills
These required technical skills include, but are not limited to:

  1. Capabilities in web site maintainance
    o Familiarity with HTML (present site is maintained by Dreamweaver CS3)
    o Graphics manipulation
    o FTP and associated site management
  2. Reliable email
  3. Reliable internet access

Applications will close 16th June, 2012. 5pm.

Yours in Service,
Theophrastus von Oberstockstall.

Note Well:
No member of the Barony (note that you must be a member to hold office) may be barred from
applying for the office.
The applications shall be reviewed by the outgoing officer,the Baron and Baroness, and the Baronial Seneschal as to the suitable candidates from amongst those that have applied, and make a decision based on the advice received and the strength of the applications.
The Baronial Seneschal shall announce the appointment to the Barony.

Before enquiring or applying, interested people should first read the Society
Webministers Handbook and the Lochac Kingdom Webministers Handbook".

Contact the current web wright with any questions, after reading the relevant material.