General Rules and Information

This server is owned by Babel Com Australia Pty Ltd, which makes some of the available server space and bandwidth available to the SCA in Australia for free.

Babel Com Australia Pty Ltd, its owners and employees, reserve the sole right to interpret these rules or apply interpretations of these rules, to modify these rules, and to enforce these rules as they deem fit.

These are all of the rules. There aren't any more. If you see something written down in any other publication that is not here, then it does not apply to this server, subject to the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the State of New South Wales.

In addition to using this server for SCA purposes, almost all of Babel Com Australia's revenue is generated from this server and the company web sites and databases hosted on it. Please do not abuse the privilege of using this server for your hobby -- I use it for my income!

Any attempted cracking or intrusion on this server will be seen as an attack against my livelihood and I will prosecute those involved to the full extent available under the law. Be warned.



All groups (baronies, shires, guilds, etc) within Lochac are entitled to one free e-mail address in the domain.

In the past I've handed out a number of free email addresses for a group and its officers. I'm not currently doing that because it seems that most of these groups' officers forget their passwords regularly, and I have to spend a lot of time resetting them. If people start taking more care of their passwords, then I'll re-think the policy on this.

All groups who have a mailing list on the site must have a nominated person to run that mailing list, who must subscribe to the site mailing list, and must have web access in order to maintain the list. See below for information.

All officers of the Kingdom of Lochac are entitled to one free e-mail address in the domain. For example, or Officers are also entitled to a free e-mail address for each deputy, eg: or

Officers, groups, and others holding free addresses are responsible for making any updates or changing any redirections. This is done via the web mail program.

The King and Queen of Lochac are entitled to a free e-mail address, which is This can be accessed by them via web mail.


The Rules:

  • Absolutely nobody is to post binary files to any of these mailing lists. That includes MS Word and PDF files as attachments, or any other type of attachment (images, software, etc).

    You will get thrown off the server for sending attachments. You have been warned.

  • All mailing lists must be set up with the following options:

    Content Filtering: Should Mailman filter the content of list traffic according to the settings below? -- set to Yes. All other content filtering settings can be left unchanged, although you may want to turn on the option that says Should Mailman convert text/html parts to plain text?

    General Options: Maximum length in kilobytes (KB) of a message body. Use 0 for no limit. -- set this to 10 (maximum) for an announcements list, or 20 (maximum) for a regular discussion list. You can set it smaller than that if you want.

  • Please do not post spam to any of these mailing lists. Use the mailing lists for what they are intended for only (that means SCA related topics only, and sub-topics depending on the list).

    Merchants should, ideally, post a web page containing their on-line catalogue, prices, images, drawings, specifications, references, other advertising material, etc, and then use these mailing lists for advertising the location of the web page. Short announcements such as "Swords 15% off this month only: see our web page" are also allowed.

    You will get thrown off the server for sending spam. You have been warned.

The Web Server

All groups in Lochac are entitled to a web site. This includes Shires, Baronies, Colleges, guilds, etc.

All Kingdom Officers including the Seneschal, Chronicler, Crux Australis Herald, Marshal, etc, are entitled to a web site.

To obtain a web site, contact Del directly, do not contact the Lochac web minister (who will only direct you to contact Del). You will require a confirmation e-mail from the seneschal or guildmaster of your group, stating that you are the person authorised by them to post an official web site for your group.

If you don't know who the seneschal of your group is then have a look on this page. That's the person who I'll be expecting an email from to authorise you getting a login and password to make a web site. If the person listed on that page is not your seneschal, then they need to submit a report through the seneschal's database so that they are correctly listed on that page (and in Pegasus) as the contact person for your group.

If your group is not listed on that page, then you need to contact the Lochac Kingdom Seneschal (who is listed on that page) and have your new group added to the database.

You will then be issued with a login name and password. You should upload your web pages via FTP to the server, placing them in your home directory. You can have ssh access as well if you ask me for it and you know what you're doing.

If you do not know how to design a web site, then there are many people who can assist you.

There is no limitation on web space (the server's web storage directory is currently under 40% full), however be reasonable with the use of large files for bandwidth conservation purposes.

PHP-4, MySQL, Perl, and other useful programming utilities are installed on the server. There are no FrontPage extensions on the server, nor will there ever be. You should not use CGI programs but you can use PHP. If you want a database set up, then ask me and I'll set one up for you.

The site mailing list

All web ministers (people with FTP access) and all people running mailing lists on the server are required to subscribe to the site mailing list. To do this, see the site mailing list information page.

If you run a web site on this server and you do not subscribe to the site mailing list, then your web site will be shut down. There are no warnings.

If you run a mailing list on this server and you do not subscribe to the site mailing list, then your mailing list will be shut down. There are no warnings.


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