Assignment Status Descriptions:

Term Description
Canon - Recently Imported

These scrolls have been recently imported from the Canon database, and we are currently in the process of confirming details. Once we have determined whether the recipients have satisfied the need for a registered name and device, the scroll will either be made available for assignment or placed on hold. This is all done manually and can take some time.


Scrolls with this status are available for assignment to a scribe. The recipient has satisfied the requirements of a registered name and device.

Term Description

These scrolls have been previously completed, but somehow went astray between the scribe and the recipient. They need to be re-done.


These scrolls date from when the Crescent Isles were under Caid. They are available for assignment, but may have different requirements to the West-Kingdom-derived award scrolls, so please check the details with the Provost.

In Progress

Scrolls with this status are assigned to a scribe, and are in the process of being completed.

Term Description

This scroll has been assigned to one or more scribes. Some scrolls may take months to complete, especially higher order scrolls.

Assigned - in Advance

These scrolls are presently assigned although the award is yet to be presented in court.


These scrolls have been recently completed and approved by the Provost of Scribes, and should be given out shortly.

Term Description
Complete - posted

This scroll has been completed, approved and posted to the Scribe-Warden for the recipient's local group. The warden will arrange for it to be presented to the recipient.

Complete - SCA Post

This scroll has been completed, approved and given to the care of an SCA person on behalf of the recipient's, often in court. It should be presented to the recipient shortly. If this status is maintained for an extended term the recipient should contact the Provost of Scribes directly.

Given Out

This scroll has been completed, approved and given out to the intended recipient. If this is not correct please notify the Provost of Scribes.

Term Description

This scroll was an "Instant AoA" that was given out to the recipient when the award was announced. No other scroll will be completed for this award.

Private Commission

The recipient for this scroll has personally commissioned a particular scribe to complete it. They may have additional or unusual requirements (like a request for real vellum) beyond those imposed by the College of Scribes.

Lost - Replacement Scroll Undertaken
On Hold

This scroll is on hold, and is not yet available for assignment. An indication of the reason should be contained in the specific status eg. hold-arm, or in the assignment notes.

Term Description
Hold- redundant

This award is redundant, because the recipient already holds a higher-precedence award at this armigerous level.

Hold- Lost, replacement not req'd
Hold- arm

On hold because this person has no registered name and / or device.

Hold- Caid AA
Hold- changing device
Hold- device
Hold- duchy
Hold- inactive

On hold because the recipient is no longer active in the SCA.

Hold- name
Hold- negotiating with Giles
Hold- not in Kingdom
Hold- will commission when ready

The recipients of these scrolls have asked that they not be completed.