Scroll assignments with status = On Hold

This scroll is on hold, and is not yet available for assignment. An indication of the reason should be contained in the specific status eg. hold-arm, or in the assignment notes.

Recipientsort icon Group Award Royalty Award Date Status
Abd al-Ahmed Ibn Aziz Ibn Hammad Barony of River Haven AA Henri I and Beatrice I-Lochac 08/09/2012 Hold- arm
Adalinda Barony of Politarchopolis AA Alfar & Liadan (Prin) 24/11/2001 Hold- arm
Adelbrecht of Stonekeep Barony of Aneala AA Steingrim & Leonora (West) 22/11/1981 Hold- inactive
Adele Amery College of Blessed Herman the Cripple AA Corin & Keridwen (Prin) 17/05/1997 Hold- arm
Adele de Chadwick Barony of River Haven AA Draco & Asa 01/01/2014 Hold- arm
Adelin Siwella Barony of Innilgard AA Alfar & Liadan (Prin) 13/10/2001 Hold- arm
Adeline of the Welsh Barony of Politarchopolis AA d'Gaunt & Muirghein (Prin) 01/07/1995 Hold- arm
Aderyn de Reynaud-Daumeray Barony of Innilgard AA Jade & Anastacia (West) 11/07/1987 Hold- inactive
Adriano dell'Isola Barony of Rowany AA Gawyne & Yve (Prin) 09/03/2002 Hold- inactive
Adrienne Castille Shire of Bacchus Wood AA Alfar & Gudrun 16/09/2002 Hold- arm
Adrienne of Innilgard Barony of Innilgard AA Gui & Aelfled (Prin) 14/04/2001 Hold- inactive
Aeddan ap Andraes Canton of Cairn Fell AA Ragnar & Bliss (Prin) 06/12/1997 Hold- arm
Aelfred the Ready Barony of Mordenvale AA Corin & Gabriella (Prin) 06/08/1988 Hold- inactive
Aemilia of Syracuse Barony of River Haven AA Corin & Keridwen (Prin) 19/04/1997 Hold- inactive
Aemonn MacGregor Barony of River Haven AA Alfar & Liadan (Prin) 08/12/2001 Hold- arm
Aeron Lassair Barony of Rowany AA Alfar & Gudrun (Prin) 25/05/1996 Hold- arm
Aeron Lassair Barony of Rowany OSP Bran & Lilya 08/05/2010 Hold- arm
Agnes ðe kyrri Barony of Southron Gaard AA Boris & Constance (Prin) 29/07/2000 Hold- arm
Agnes ðe kyrri Barony of Southron Gaard CB Alfar III and Angharat I-Lochac 24/01/2014 Hold- arm
Agneta Loridan de Rovigo Shire of Bordescros AA Stephen & Mathilde 26/02/2005 Hold- arm
Agostino Tamburri Barony of Aneala AA Gabriel & Constanzia 26/03/2011 Hold- arm
Agravane the Lost Shire of Agaricus AA Alfar & Gudrun (Prin) 29/08/1998 Hold- arm
Agvar Gyanavspavar Barony of Politarchopolis AA William & Joanne (West) 21/04/1984 Hold- inactive
Ahmed the Scorpion Shire of Bacchus Wood AA Cornelius & Morwynna (Prin) 24/02/1996 Hold- arm
Aidan O'Neill College of St. Ursula AA Aedward & Yolande (Prin) 23/10/1999 Hold- arm
Aidan of the West Barony of River Haven AA Cornelius & Morwynna (Prin) 06/08/1994 Hold- inactive
Aiden Gilchrist Barony of River Haven AA Gawyne & Yve (Prin) 16/02/2002 Hold- arm
Aiden of Torlyon Shire of Torlyon AA Gui & Aelfled (Prin) 05/05/2001 Hold- arm
Ailean ingen Lochbinn Barony of Stormhold AA Draco & Asa 04/12/2004 Hold- arm
Aimee de la Roche Barony of River Haven AA Boris & Constance (Prin) 09/05/1998 Hold- inactive
Aine Caterina del Cossa Barony of Ynys Fawr AA Alaric & Nerissa 25/10/2003 Hold- arm
Aioffe ni Medb Barony of Innilgard AA Uther & Tanwen (West) 25/10/1997 Hold- arm
Airdin McDara Barony of Stormhold AA Gui & Aellfed (Prin) 19/05/2001 Hold- arm
Airika Eoganachta Mor Canton of Cluain AA Henri I and Beatrice I-Lochac 01/12/2012 Hold- arm
Akira Barony of Rowany AA Kane & Rhianwen (Prin) 07/12/1991 Hold- inactive
Alan of Darton Shire of Darton AA Cornelius & Morwynna 18/06/2003 Hold- arm