AA Scroll Assignments

Recipientsort icon Group Award Royalty Award Date Status
Aaron of Lichgreen College of St. Cecilia AA Valerian & Rowena (Prin) 11/06/1989 Given Out
Abd al-Ahmed Ibn Aziz Ibn Hammad Barony of River Haven AA Henri I and Beatrice I-Lochac 08/09/2012 Hold- arm
Adair Mac Dermid Barony of Politarchopolis AA Ragnar & Bliss (Prin) 12/07/1997 Given Out
Adalinda Barony of Politarchopolis AA Alfar & Liadan (Prin) 24/11/2001 Hold- arm
Adam Girard Barony of Mordenvale AA Jade & Anastacia (West) 11/07/1987 Given Out
Adam of Arrowsreach Shire of Arrowsreach AA Cornelius & Morwynna 03/12/2005 Instant
Adam the Red Shire of Arrowsreach AA Hugh & Theresa 08/09/2007 Instant
Adelbrecht of Stonekeep Barony of Aneala AA Steingrim & Leonora (West) 22/11/1981 Hold- inactive
Adele Amery College of Blessed Herman the Cripple AA Corin & Keridwen (Prin) 17/05/1997 Hold- arm
Adele de Chadwick Barony of River Haven AA Draco & Asa 01/01/2014 Hold- arm
Adelheit Endrißin Barony of Mordenvale AA Felix I and Eva I-Lochac 06/07/2013 Available
Adelin Siwella Barony of Innilgard AA Alfar & Liadan (Prin) 13/10/2001 Hold- arm
Adelindis filia Gotefridi Canton of Lightwood AA Henri I and Beatrice I-Lochac 20/10/2012 Assigned
Adeline de Montfort Barony of St Florian de la Rivière AA Alfar & Isabeau (Prin) 17/04/1995 Given Out
Adeline of the Welsh Barony of Politarchopolis AA d'Gaunt & Muirghein (Prin) 01/07/1995 Hold- arm
Adelle la Verriere Barony of Politarchopolis AA Bran & Lilya 02/04/2010 Instant
Aderyn de Reynaud-Daumeray Barony of Innilgard AA Jade & Anastacia (West) 11/07/1987 Hold- inactive
Adrian Neggerstein College of St. Bartholomew AA Berengar & Bethan 12/04/2008 Instant
Adriana Belechere College of St. Monica AA Haos & Bryony (Prin) 19/08/1990 Given Out
Adriano dell'Isola Barony of Rowany AA Gawyne & Yve (Prin) 09/03/2002 Hold- inactive
Adrienne Castille Shire of Bacchus Wood AA Alfar & Gudrun 16/09/2002 Hold- arm
Adrienne Fildyng de Faux Barony of Stormhold AA Reynardine & Elayne (Prin) 28/07/1991 Given Out
Adrienne of Innilgard Barony of Innilgard AA Gui & Aelfled (Prin) 14/04/2001 Hold- inactive
Áedán óc mac Rónáin h-Úi Fáeláin Barony of Rowany AA Gui & Aelfled (Prin) 03/10/2001 Given Out
Aeddan ap Andraes Canton of Cairn Fell AA Ragnar & Bliss (Prin) 06/12/1997 Hold- arm
Aegidius de Hanno Barony of Rowany AA Bran & Lilya 08/05/2010 Instant
Aelesia de Trochdene Barony of Stormhold AA Cornelius & Morwynna 12/05/2003 Given Out
Aelfred of Wherwell Canton of Abertridwr AA Jade & Amanda (West) 01/04/1988 Given Out
Aelfred the Ready Barony of Mordenvale AA Corin & Gabriella (Prin) 06/08/1988 Hold- inactive
Aelfric Branwelather Bartholomew Barony of Southron Gaard AA Aedward & Yolande 04/02/2006 Instant
Aelfric of Dorcestre Shire of Llyn Arian AA Valerian & Rowena (Prin) 27/03/1989 Given Out
Aelfrin Malin Barony of Rowany AA Theuderic & Engelin 21/03/2009 Instant
Aelfthrythe of Saxony Barony of Politarchopolis AA John & Gabriel (Prin) 04/01/1993 Given Out
Aelthwyn Maccuswell Shire of Bordescros AA Aedward & Yolande 13/05/2006 Instant
Aemilia of Syracuse Barony of River Haven AA Corin & Keridwen (Prin) 19/04/1997 Hold- inactive
Aemonn MacGregor Barony of River Haven AA Alfar & Liadan (Prin) 08/12/2001 Hold- arm