OL Scroll Assignments

Order of the Laurel, given for excellence in the Arts and Sciences, and conferring a Patent of Arms on the recipient. A companion of the order of the Laurel may be titled Master or Mistress, and referred to with the honorific Your Excellency.
Recipientsort icon Group Award Royalty Award Date Status
Adelbert von Strasburg Barony of Rowany OL Cybi & Victoria (West) 31/03/1997 Given Out
Adrienne Fildyng de Faux Barony of Stormhold OL Veniamin & Aeron (West) 02/12/1995 Given Out
Alexander the Potter Barony of Politarchopolis OL Garrick & Talietha (West) 04/04/1999 Given Out
Alexous of Uri Barony of Mordenvale OL Henri I and Beatrice I-Lochac 29/09/2012 Hold- arm
Alys de Wilton Shire of Darton OL Alaric & Nerissa 22/11/2003 Hold- inactive
Amalie von Brisache Barony of Southron Gaard OL Felix I and Eva I-Lochac 01/02/2013 Hold- arm
Antonia Ambrosia Illirica Shire of Llyn Arian OL Philip & Linda (West) 08/09/1991 Given Out
Antonia di Lorenzo Barony of Stormhold OL Siridean II and Margie I-Lochac 08/06/2012 Assigned
Arenvald von Hagenburg College of St. Cecilia OL Jade & Shaheena (West) 11/04/1993 Given Out
Bartolomeo Giancristoforo Agazzai Barony of Rowany OL Uther & Portia (West) 30/03/2002 Available
Bess Haddon of York Barony of Rowany OL Stephan & Niobe (West) 02/04/1994 Given Out
Bethan of Brockwood Barony of Rowany OL Theuderic & Engelin 12/04/2009 Hold- arm
Branwen of Werchesvorde Barony of Aneala OL Balor & Hayley (Atenveldt) 28/10/2001 Given Out
Brian di Caffa Canton of Cluain OL Fabian & Brynn (West) 15/01/2000 Assigned
Cairistiona nic Bheathain Barony of Rowany OL Uther & Portia (West) 31/03/2002 Assigned
Caitlin de Courcy Kingdom of Drachenwald OL Jade & Amanda (West) 30/04/1988 Given Out
Catherine de Arc Barony of Aneala OL Alfar III and Angharat I-Lochac 10/05/2014 Canon - Recently Imported
Charles of the Park Barony of Politarchopolis OL Jade & Shaheena (West) 12/04/1993 Given Out
Clara van de Maes Barony of Rowany OL Alfar III and Angharat I-Lochac 17/05/2014 Assigned
Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora Barony of St Florian de la Rivière OL John & Gabriel (West) 05/07/1997 Given Out
Contarina la Bianca Barony of River Haven OL Siridean & Siban 22/11/2008 Given Out
Corin Anderson Barony of Rowany OL Edmund & Leonore 11/12/2010 Available
Cormac Lenihan Barony of Stormhold OL Uther & Osa (West) 12/02/2000 Available
Cornelius von Becke Barony of Politarchopolis OL Cybi & Victoria (West) 31/03/1997 Assigned
Crispin Sexi Barony of Politarchopolis OL Aedward & Yolande 11/04/2004 Assigned
Dafydd of the Glens Barony of Stormhold OL Jade & Shaheena (West) 11/04/1993 Given Out
Dragmel Morgunn the Wanderer Barony of Innilgard OL Alfar & Gudrun 09/11/2002 Available
Edward Braythwayte Canton of Cluain OL Henri I and Beatrice I-Lochac 01/12/2012 Available
Elayne Montjoy Barony of Rowany OL Alden & Madeline (West) 27/07/1996 Given Out
Eleanor Lyttellhayles Barony of Stormhold OL John & Gabriel (West) 28/08/1994 On Hold
Elena le Breustere Barony of Innilgard OL Alfar III and Angharat I-Lochac 21/04/2014 Assigned
Eleonora van den Bogaerde Barony of Southron Gaard OL Aedward & Yolande 04/02/2006 Available
Ella du Vergne Kingdom of the West OL James & Verena (West) 02/10/1993 Given Out
Elsbeth Caerwent Barony of Stormhold OL Uther & Portia (West) 28/03/2002 Given Out
Elspeth Turberville Barony of Rowany OL Aedward & Yolande 17/04/2006 Given Out
Esla of Ifeld Barony of Innilgard OL Stephan & Niobe (West) 03/08/1991 Given Out