OP Scroll Assignments

Order of the Pelican, given for excellence in Service, and conferring a Patent of Arms on the recipient. A companion of the Order of the Pelican may be titled Master or Mistress, and referred to with the honorific Your Excellency.
Recipientsort icon Group Award Royalty Award Date Status
Acacia de Navarra Barony of St Florian de la Rivière OP Uther & Portia (West) 30/03/2002 Available
Adelbert von Strasburg Barony of Rowany OP Jade & Shaheena (West) 03/11/1990 Given Out
Aislinn de Valence Barony of Innilgard OP Geoffrey & Kira (West) 01/04/1989 Given Out
Alaine Bartholomieu Lorenz Barony of Stormhold OP Cybi & Victoria (West) 11/07/1997 Assigned
Alarice Beatrix von Thal Barony of Rowany OP Fabian & Brynn (West) 13/04/1998 Hold- inactive
Alethea of Shrewsbury Shire of Torlyon OP Hauoc & Etain (West) 01/07/1998 Hold- inactive
Alfar of Attica Barony of Rowany OP Bran & Lilya 05/04/2010 Given Out
Álfgeirr Agnarsson Canton of Stowe on the Wowld OP {unknown} 01/01/1900 Assigned - in Advance
Angharad of Chester Barony of Aneala OP Stephen & Sariya (West) 02/01/1988 Given Out
Antonia Ambrosia Illirica Shire of Llyn Arian OP Geoffrey & Kira (West) 25/03/1989 Given Out
Antonia di Benedetto Calvo Barony of Southron Gaard OP Theuderic & Engelin 05/02/2009 Given Out
Artos Barefoot Barony of Politarchopolis OP Uther & Tanwen (West) 15/11/1997 Hold- inactive
Asbjørn Pedersen Marsvin Shire of Darton OP Aedward & Yolande 14/04/2006 Assigned
Ava del Mas Canton of Cairn Fell OP Niáll I and Liadan I-Lochac 09/11/2013 Available
Aylwin Greymane Barony of Innilgard OP Edmund & Leonore 25/09/2010 Assigned
Aylwin Greymane Barony of Innilgard OP Edmund & Leonore 25/09/2010 Lost - Replacement Scroll Undertaken
Bain de Saint Florian Barony of St Florian de la Rivière OP Aedward & Yolande 10/04/2004 Given Out
Bartholomew Baskin Barony of Southron Gaard OP Berengar & Bethan 03/02/2008 Hold- until ready
Berenger of Nancy Barony of Rowany OP Siridean II and Margie I-Lochac 07/04/2012 Available
Bernard Sterling Shire of Darton OP Theuderic & Engelin 03/09/2009 Assigned
Bethan of Brockwood Barony of Rowany OP Alaric & Nerissa 13/12/2003 Hold- arm
Bliss of Teine Barony of Politarchopolis OP Stephen & Mathilde 25/03/2005 Hold- arm
Bran na torcdubh mac Brude Barony of Mordenvale OP Aedward & Yolande 11/04/2004 Hold- arm
Branwen of Werchesvorde Barony of Aneala OP Gabriel & Constanzia (2) 04/06/2011 Given Out
Brusi of Dragonvale Barony of Stormhold OP Uther & Osa (West) 11/05/2000 Given Out
Brusi of Orkney Barony of Rowany OP Rolf & Lachlin (West) 14/06/1986 Given Out
Bryony Beehyrd Barony of Innilgard OP William & Joanne (West) 18/04/1987 Given Out
Caelia the Fair Barony of River Haven OP Bran & Lilya 10/07/2010 Hold- arm
Cairistiona inghean Raghnaill Barony of Politarchopolis OP Alaric & Nerissa 23/08/2003 Given Out
Carla the Unquestionable Barony of Rowany OP Alaric & Nerissa 12/07/2003 Hold- arm
Catalina de Gata Barony of Aneala OP Gabriel & Constanzia 29/08/2009 Assigned
Catherine de Arc Barony of Aneala OP Berengar & Bethan 04/07/2008 Given Out
Catherine the Friendly Barony of River Haven OP Alaric & Nerissa 13/09/2003 Complete
Cathryn of Chester Kingdom of Drachenwald OP Matthew & Signy (Drachenwald) 07/07/2003 Given Out
Charles of the Park Barony of Politarchopolis OP Jade & Shaheena (West) 12/04/1993 Private Commission
Ciaran Faoilchara Barony of Ynys Fawr OP Uther & Osa (West) 14/06/1999 Given Out