The Office of the Seneschal - Kingdom of Lochac


Seneschal's Report, Kingdom of Lochac

December 2006 (AS XLI).



The major events this time around were Spring War in Mordenvale, which is one of our large annual war events which was not well attended this year, and November Crown in Ynws Fwar which was very well attended.

Reporting to the Exchequer has improved dramatically since the problems in mid year and the Kingdom is now comfortably solvent.

Group Seneschals are reporting well (When I remind everybody) but many Kingdom Officers are complaining that local group officers are not reporting. I will be picking up on this in the next reporting cycle in February.

Recent Correspondence

Most offices and groups have been running smoothly. As Kingdom Seneschal Iím now catching up with a number of items that have been in my backlog so that everything is tidy for my successor. I have had two candidates contact me re the post at this time.

Key correspondence has been with the new Groups that have now become active in Lochac. The following groups are Incipiant but have all established themselves this year very well. When they have had their names and devices confirmed by the Heralds Iím happy that they will all become official groups.

Raeburn Dubbo, NSW
Unnamed Western Shire
Collage of Dunedin
Collage of Auckland
Canton of Dunedin (Very new)

Finally I will be stepping down in the near future and have been searching for a successor. I have two people who have contacted me so I hope to be able to hand over the office in the near future.

Kingdom Officers

The Chirurgeon:
I understand Lord Patri is ill and I have received no report this quarter.

The Crux Australis herald:
Several changes to the Lochac roster in the last quarter. Baron Karl Faustus assures me that he will have the input and editing program for Canon Lore completed by the end of this reign. In court at November Crown I announced the changes to the names to the Lochac Kingdom awards. They are now under submission. The names that are under submission are:

I am currently waiting to hear back from Pelican sovereign of arms about possible alternate to Order of the Miles Regni. In regards to the Lochac Order of Grace, I am still waiting permission to conflict from the Principality of Oeartha. I am also chasing permission to conflict with the Dreiburgen school of rapier for the Order of the Rapier.

The last few months have been rather busy submission, 75+ for the last quarter. The new submission seems to be working out on the whole, just some minor bugs to be ironed out, I hope to be passing the internal component of the process over to a deputy within a month or so.

The some of projects I would like to complete before I step down are to have a Kingdom of Lochac Heralds Handbook compiled and distributed, develop a P.E.ís exam developed based on the handbook and register badges for all the kingdom awards that currently donít have one.

The Arts and Sciences:
Very comprehensive report as usual. All A&S officers reported a wide range of A&S activities being practiced. Skilled teachers are at a premium and desired by several groups particularly those in out of the way places. The only problem reported is that Gwir verch Madog cannot find anyone who wishes to take over the post when her warrant runs out in May 2007.

The Earl Marshal:
The Kingdom of Lochac Combat Handbook is almost complete with a draft available sometime in Jan 07. Al Murkart and his committee have been working on the new version, with the latest changes to Combat Archery included.

Current Lochac Authorisations:

No injuries have been reported in the quarter. Having said that, I know injuries occur, however none seem to be reported. Once again I request that consideration be given to some form of mandatory reporting by Marshals. I believe this is an issue that needs to be dealt with or we need to remove ourselves from the responsibility entirely.

Kingdom Rapier Marshal
More patchy reporting particularly from Cantons and Collages. KRM will be prompting all GRMís re reporting dates. Have appointed two new deputies Don Henry the Fox who is my drop-dead deputy and Don Dameon Greybeard, my deputy for Cut and Thrust Rapier. Concerned about the perceived status of GRMs. They are not deputies of the Knight Marshal but report directly to the KRM. Several local group web sites continue this myth which needs to be corrected. Rapier rules rewrite continues slowly and will include the new Cut and Thrust Rules.

The Keeper of the Lists:
Only a small number of events reported from, Colles Ardorum, Ildhafn, Rowany, Southron Garrd and Ynws Fwar. No Problems to report.

The Constable:
Quite a number of groups not reporting. Those groups that are reporting however are doing well and the constables reporting the numbers of attendees at events is helping the Exchequer keep on top of Kingdom Levy. The current Kingdom constable will be passing on his office shortly. A potential candidate has been found but has yet to be confirmed. It has also been noted that at a number of events people who have not received their membership cards have been offering their Pegasus as proof of membership. This has been due to a recent delay in the issuing of membership cards.

The Hospitaller:
Reporting very patchy this quarter (None from NZ). I am in the process of doing the Demo's Policy as requested just a few mundane third party insurance laws to get through. No other problems to report.

Local Groups


Reasonably busy quarter, with at least one event per month (including the Baronial changeover). Regular events happening - heavy training taking place three times a week, fencing at least once a week. Weekly A&S meetings alternating between a home in the north and a home in the south. Currently have a problem getting the newsletter out (Griffintayle) but new chronicler will step up in the new year.

St Aldhelms:
The college is proceeding (although it's gone into a kind of hiatus now that the university year has finished). During my last discussion with the college seneschal, plans were afoot for the major recruitment exercise during the university Orientation-week market day next year.


No report received.

Potluck and tournaments on the second Saturday of each month at new venue. Fighter training on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month and A&S every Wednesday evening from 7-9pm. Currently having an issue with the number of displays we are being asked to do by the general public. Have decided to hold 3 public displays organised by us a year. this is so we have control of what we want to do with our displays and make them more sca friendly.

Incipiant Shire of Colles Ardorum:
Stitch n Bitch continues on Monday nights, as does Fighter Practice on Wednesday nights; this will probably have to break over Christmas due to unavailability of members and uni rooms. Our weekly activities are still jointly held with the college of St Malachy. Ran our annual feast, the Feast of Four Winds. This was a very successful event bring many fighters to our champions tourney and many more wayfarers to the feast. Also in June a smaller feast (well, that was our goal, but it become a large and very successful feast) was the Feast of the Moon. The monthly tourney was held at this event. Official status now waiting on Laurel Queen of Arms.

College of St Malachy:
The collage held its annual feast and tournament with a heraldry theme continues to share weekly activities with the Shire of Colles Ardorum.

Dismal Fogs:
We have been holding A&S as usual. Still trying to get fighter practice up. We also had a nice backyard tourney to end the year. Next year we want to foster relationships with places like the everglades gardens to get events going that will build up an interest base.

Running a good crop of weekly activities, and Spring War which was the major event for this quarter. Spring war was ran well but a significant lack of attendance led to the event making a $1200 loss. Note that there is still a problem with attendance and level of enthusiasm/commitment. The B&B are working on this.

Collage of St Crispin:
A slight loss was made on St Crispinís day due to it being rained out Plans are underway to terminate affiliation with NUSport since they have greatly limited funding since VSU but now require even more stringent accountability and documentation. The bueracratic overhead has been deemed disproportionate to the benefits of affiliation

College of St Genesius:
No Report and no contact with the Barony. Kingdom Seneschalís Note: This Collage is now considered dormant until the Mordenval Seneschal indicates otherwise.

Regular meeting at a hall in Summer Hill has closed for season. Fighter practice continuing in park.
17 Sept; Rowany fighters go up to Mordenvale practice - show them how it's done.
23-24 Sept; Bunch O Classes & Feast of St Ursula, First Rowany Tournament of Champions (Gold Tourney)
21 Oct; Stowe Soiree
2 Dec; Yule Feast, Second Gold Tourney

Seneschal has requested an extension to his term. This has been approved by the Kingdom Seneschal as the group will benefit from the stability.

Summary report for College of St Ursula:
New seneschal Ameline

Summary report for Canton of Stowe on the Wowld:
Sir Torg beginning to look for a successor.

Summary report for College of St Augustine:
St Augustine has become dormant.

Incipient Shire of Raedbourne:
This Shire continues to grow and is running events with two Tourney and picnic in the park events and regular meetings on Sundays at 1pm.

Shire of Torlyon:
No report received.


No report received

Monday night A&S, singing and dance practices, fighters practices on Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon. St Catherine's Faire - Nov 30 - December 3rd : By all accounts a fantastic event. The experiment of holding the feast on the Friday night seems to have worked well, and I would do it again. One of the best turnouts for the heavy tournaments in quite some time and the Rapier Tournament ran well.

Canton of Cluain:
Much activity and enthusiasm here. Cluain is looking to extend the warrant of their current Seneschal for an additional year to aid in group growth and stability. The Kingdom Seneschal has approved this extension after consultation with the populace and Ildhafn Seneschal.

Incipient College of Saint Dionysius:
Started out at the beginning of the year with 25 members which has distilled to a core of about 10. Ran two very successful events and the entertainments at St Catherines Fair. Providing much needed enthusiasm and new blood to the Barony.

Southron Gaard:
The Barony's regular activities are going very strongly at the moment. We are currently running:

There have been regular planning meetings for Canterbury Faire'07 and midwinter Coronation '07. Both of these events are progressing nicely and promise to be bigger then ever before.

Incipient College of St Kessog:
Lady Avril of Didham has retired as College Seneschal as she is moving to Western Lochac. She did a great job and will be missed. The College populace has elected a new Seneschal (in accordance with OUSA rules), Eydis of St Kessog. She has taken to the role with much enthusiasm. Fimbulwinter was their first major event and went very well. It was a three day, two night camping event outside of Dunedin. A large number of people from Christchurch attended the event. The feast cook had a few issues getting paid back for the food he purchased, but this has now been sorted. About 30 people attended the event.

Note a new Canton is mooted for Dunedin to run alongside the College. We expect this to develop next year.


Bacchus Wood:
New Seneschal took over the running of the regular meetings in May of this year, in that time we have attended two school demos the Brisbane Medieval fair and run our own event which we had 80 people attend. We have also been attending many of St Florians and River Haven events as I am trying to improve the relations between us and the two Baronies and so far it seems to be working, with the baronies inviting us to work with them in developing an event calendar for next year as well as helping them with Great Northern War next year.

River Haven:
Being the end of the year River Haven has certainly begun it's end of year wrap up. There has been very little events in this quarter other than the Baronial Championship and the New Comers events. There was also a combined re-enactors markets held on Sunday the 12th of November that was well attended by the different re-enactors groups around Brisbane. It was a good chance to attend a market that was aiming it's wares at re-enactors, rather than jo public. Very much enjoyed by the many varied groups in Brisbane, who have expressed interest in running this twice yearly. During the break, there are planned to be several armouring workshops to help new comers with armour to fight in (plus help old fighters redo their harnesses) Only major concern at this point is the current situation of Membership. Many members have contacted myself regarding the fact that it has been several months since they sent in their paperwork, but yet not heard anything form the registrar.

Canton of Burnfield:
Due to varied health and personal issues with the Burnfield Seneschal, little has happened in this Canton in the last few months. Without leadership (or at least someone to organise it) this canton does little. The Seneschal is currently trying to organise a Deputy so if she cannot make a meeting, training session etc at least something will still happen. We hope to spend some time travelling around in the next quarter through all the canton's, including this one. We are trying to organise a bus load of fighters, laurels and artists to go with us.

Canton of Castellum Montanum:
This quarter was a big quarter for this canton. Not only did they run (successfully) their annual event which was attended by their majesties, but found that they had made a successful bid on the Crown Tournament next November. Preparations are already in action, which they have promised to keep the Barony involved. This group seems to be growing as they have had a few more people at their A&S activities.

Canton of Draks Fjord:
There has been no further problems with the new Seneschal for this group. During this quarter this group also had their annual event, which was run very successfully by a very talented and wise Steward (Any guesses who ran it?) Another royal visit for the Barony, this event was the last of the 12 tourney's challenge.

Canton of Willoughby Vale:
This canton is going well with well attended weekly meetings for A&S and fighter training. This canton ran the Baronial Championships this quarter. No problems to report for this canton.

College of St Hieronymous:
This college is still placed in dormant status due to the fact that it only has four members. I have notified them that until they get at least another member, this college will remind in dormant status.

St Florian de la Riviere:
Fighter Practice runs on Monday night at Souths Football Club and has started to include A&S as of September 2006. Average Fighter Practice attendee has been 15 between September and November Average A&S attendee has ranged from 5 in September to 10 in October. We aim to increase the average weekly total number of 23 attendees to 40 in the new year. St Florian has been undergoing a bit of a slump period. There are a few factors that have attributed to this. These include running three kingdom level events (200 odd attendees) in three and a half months, experienced members moving interstate/overseas, experienced members reducing activity due to family pressures and burn out. This has affected our ability to run events particularly the larger scale events. Careful attention to building up our activities will have to be maintained to address these issues as well as support and mentoring to our newer members. Several financial issues have been affecting the Barony of late. These are being resolved by implementing firm financial procedures and keeping the banking of money close to the Seneschal.


Heavy Fighter practice continues as normal. Archery is in abeyance while we try to find a more suitable location, and a new Captain of Archers. Baronial rapier has stopped for the summer, hopefully with cooler weather they will return. A&S activities continue to have small numbers, but regular activities once a month. October had a Quiz night scheduled and a Baronesses Championship and Feast. The Quiz night was cancelled, as was the feast, due to a lack of interest. Very sad. The Championship was run ok on the 21st Oct. The Barony's 20th Anniversary Feast was held on November 25th, attendance was high and it was followed by rapier, boffer and heavy tourneys on the 26th. I am pleased with the way both those events turned out. One demo has happened, at the Sunnybrae Historical Farm OPen Day. While from our point of view, we successfully demonstrated about the SCA, from a pragmatic point of view, the Open Day is not worthwhile.

College of Blessed Herman the Cripple:
Needs more members, and needs more students willing to take on officer roles. Currently they are trying to raise funds to get together the float for ICW. I am keeping in touch with the seneschal and senior members, but I do not want to interfere with them either. The College held its Feast of Blessed Herman on September 23, low numbers but fun. It was followed by the Sheep-Stealing Tourney, which was won by the Baron's team for a change, and was very entertaining for all.


Ynys Fawr:
The group appears to be going well with a range of activities split across its three main centers. Many excellent event sthis quarter. Bal d‚Äô Azure/Brass Monkey War weekend of 19 August Battle of Hattin Event (Trial Run for Crown event) September 22 Ė 24 Spring Fencing Picnic 7 October Mediaeval Ball co-sponsored by the Tasmanian Folk Federation 28 October Culminating in: November Crown AS XXXXI (3 to 5 November 2006) 127 people in attendance, 69 from out-of-Barony! 18 fighters in the list, including three from Ynys Fawr! Great feast! Wonderful candelabras provided plenty of light all night long! Nice chairs for the many visiting B&Bís! Much fun! How about bidding for 12th night 2008? There were many complimentary remarks from the visitors. The locals really enjoyed the event; Wulfgar described it as the ďBest Crown heís been toĒ (yes, he has been to others!) Note: Early in December Baron and Baroness, Arnfinr and Anna, decided that for personal reasons they would be needing to step down and Baron and Baroness.

College of St Gildas:
The College group hasnít really been a separate entity this year, but we did pick up one new student who has been very active within the Barony and a few other students who showed interest during the first half of the school year, before their work load got heavy. Alas, November Crown happened to fall right in the middle of Exams. Clovis did decide at the last minute to take a break from studying and drive up (3 hours) on Saturday, but none of the other students were able to do so (the one very active student had an exam on Saturday afternoon of Crown weekend, otherwise he would have attended).


introduced a training based Practice Monthly Bash ran on the second Monday night of each month. These tourneys are getting strong support and we attract between 12-20 heavies. Introduced a year long points based competition that awards heavies for training, taking part in AR's monthly bash, plus supporting other Group's Tourneys. This comp has changed the manner in which local heavies view training. I have offered a prize to the winner of the comp. Started dance practice twice a month on a trail basis. Held numerous Potluck Feast during our main weekly meeting which supports period cooking and helps newbie's. Held a well attended "Turkish Coffee House" event. Next week we are hosting a Royal visit with a simple tourney and feast theme. Started rapier training with supporting rapier gear workshops. Introduced a Light's points based archery comp. About to hold our first rapier tourney (Practice tourney). A well attended A&S discussion evening. Two issues firstly with a local member who has had a very negative impact on the local e-mail lists, secondly with the group marshal not reporting. Both issues are being resolved locally.

Krae Glas:
KG monthly A&S meetings (2nd Saturdays): very well attended, with lots of projects, many of them fascinating and unusual. KG/St Mons fighter training (Friday evenings): well attended, continue to be held through university break. Starting to build up numbers interested in rapier/archery. Summer Twilight tourney, November 17th, 33 attendees. There's been no lack of activity; our members are very active in fighting and guild activities in KG and other groups, but we're falling down on having events with the "Krae Glas brand". Several events in the planning stages have fallen through due to illness, life issues, or disorganisation on the part of the proposed event stewards. Actions are being taken to rectify this issue.

College of St Monica:
Holding weekly fighter training (in conjunction with Krae Glas), and also successfully holds A&S and weekly meetings during university terms.

There are two regular trainings in Stormhold: Tuesday nights - Kensington hall - increasing numbers at new hall. 2nd Sunday of each month - has only occurred once in last 3 months due to conflicting events. Small, regular numbers. Monthly Bash occurs on the first Sunday of month. There is a Thursday night meeting every week and A&S once a month, usually on the second Friday. William Marshall was the main event since my last report. It was smaller than in previous years, but went smoothly. More newcomers would be good, but the B&B are keen to focus on that.

Canton of Cairnfiall:
The Canton continues to show encouraging levels of activity continuing to meet regularly and put on regular small events.Cairnfaill held at Spring Feast. Very active A&S wise with good attendance to ongoing weekly and monthly activities.

College of St Bartholomew:
The College has finally solved its registration problem with the Student Union and is looking foward to being active in O-week.


Training for heavy archery are stead and attended and Rapier is fluctuating but happens dance and music is very regular at the new venue of Uni of WA and other a&s happens. There and at stitch on tuesday and wed nights and a recent hat workshop was successful in as far as people turned up and did stuff but no completed hats as yet. Singing again died as a group thing again as the main force behind it Lady Fineessa left the state but still individuals doing stuff. Knights demo large demo for the Fremantle festival which attracts large numbers and was a good way to get us known a lot of work end of November was the annual toys for tots his event has a toy as entry and food stuffs all of which are donated to the good Samaritans for the xmas period. Current problem finding a replacement Seneschal. Muirghein ni Ghrainne stepped in as a drop dead temporary Seneschal and needs to step down In January. No one has stepped up as yet.

College of St Basil the Great:
On break for the holidays now but working up to Open day nothing else to report

Canton of Abertridwr:
Chugging a long well and reporting as required. Canton collegia was small but a lot of fun same goes for their October fest.

Incipient Shire of Boesenberg:
November saw the Shires camping weekend to fight the prates which was good As far as progress in the South West of Western Australia is concerned all is going well. We have about 15 core people with another 15 or so "floaters". The biggest thing at the moment is still getting bums on seats. We have been helping people to Sew, Make Armor, get gear together and all those other "Basic" things.One of the Issues that has arisen is the interaction of the Shire with it's sponsoring group, The Barony of Aneala. This looks to have been resolved after some discussion with the group confirming its intention to be a Shire.



The current reoccurring issue being seen across the Kingdom is that of burnout. Your esteemed Kingdom Seneschal is currently one of the casualties of this malaise. I have written before on the importance of having deputies and offloading responsibilities wherever possible to spread the load. That being said it has been noted recently that when the hard unglamorous work is required such as clean up at the end of the event there are consistently many hands ready to do the work.

Yours in Service,
Emrys Tudur
Seneschal, Kingdom of Lochac

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