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July 2010

The July issue of Pegasus contains three Laws-related items: first, a full reprise of Kingdom Law. Its publication each July in Pegasus is required by current Kingdom Law, and so is a summary of changes made since last year -- you'll find that in the July issue also.

Thirdly, we have a set of proposed changes to Kingdom Law, among them being one which removes the existing requirement to publish the full set of Laws in Pegasus each year, replacing that with additional electronic publishing requirements. This proposed change is possible and desirable because, in 2010, our 1100+ members include fewer than 100 who get Pegasus on paper. The rest, presumably, have adequate electronic access, as would most of those who get the paper subscription. We are moving with the times and lowering costs and officer workload in the process.

There are other changes, mainly administrative, but all affect the Kingdom in some way. Therefore, please review the proposed Law changes and provide feedback to the Crown before they are enacted -- your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Law changes and other such administrivia are only fun to a subset of folk who enjoy words, paperwork and constructing (one hopes) better and simpler governance systems. For the rest of us, it's rather dull at best.

So -- what are you doing to make sure your SCA experience is an enjoyable one? If you're an officer, are you escaping the demands of office long enough and often enough to tap into activities that are not just worthy and valuable, but also fun? When did you last go singing, wave a stick, start a new embroidery or calligraphy project, learn a new dance or be entertained by something like the Boars Head or Half Circle Theatre?

More importantly, are you getting enough time away from the SCA with other circles of friends and activities? If all your free time is vested in the SCA, perspective and eventually enthusiasm tend to be eroded over time.

So be sure to make some fun for yourself, and for those around you. And if all else fails, read a book!

Bartholomew Baskin
Lochac Seneschal



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