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November 2010

At Festival this year, Mistress Isobel le Bretoun -- who has just stepped down as Baroness of Politarchopolis -- proposed that the Kingdom and local "Incs" sponsor an officer training workshop to help improve the relevant skills, knowledge and professionalism of Lochac's officer corps. The idea was that the knowledge and resources gained at such a workshop would then be spread to the rest of the Kingdom after the attendees returned to their home regions.

This concept met with immediate support from the Council of the Purse and members of the SCAA Board, and has now reached fruition as LOTS - the first Lochac Officer Training Symposium. This is an add-on event held on January 14th 2011, the day before 12th Night Coronation in Politarchopolis. It has an excellent venue, a range of valuable workshops to choose from, and a travel subsidy for those who need to cross long distances to attend. The symposium itself is free of charge.

I urge all groups to consider supporting at least one or two people to attend this event. Choose people who seem most likely to deliver long-term administrative and leadership gains to the group and Society, and who are most likely to pass on what they have learned. If in doubt, favour relatively-newer over more experienced folk, on the grounds that they have the most to gain.

For any group which provides a travel subsidy to an attendee, the event stewards have the ability to offer a matching subsidy -- pro- rated if necessary by the total subsidy funds offered by the Kingdom, the SCAA and SCA NZ, which are significant.

Many of the problems and missed opportunities which often beset our groups and officers arise from relative inexperience, poor handovers, lack of information or lack of communication. These failings can be very costly in terms of lost volunteer time, motivation, goodwill and even material resources.

While it's impossible to avoid every problem in this imperfect world, a training workshop such as this -- and its knock-on effects -- can lift our administrative game in a way that few other initiatives could: far more than a multitude of emails, articles or handbook revisions. Therefore please lend your and your group's support so that all may benefit.

See for details.

Finally, my writ as Kingdom Seneschal will end at Rowany Festival next year. By that time I'll have held the role for at least one day longer than anyone else, which is plenty long enough for both me and the Kingdom.

I believe in long and easy transitions, so you will find an advertisement seeking my successor in this issue of Pegasus. If you have previously held a senior role in a group or Kingdom, or will be surrendering one before next April -- whilst still retaining the energy and interest for a new challenge -- then Their Majesties, the Society Seneschal and I would all love to hear from you!

Bartholomew Baskin, OP, LoG, CB, OAA (Caid), PJ
Kingdom of Lochac



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