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October 2009

The members of the Masonry team have completed a transition to a completely new hosting and administration arrangement for the Kingdom's core internet server, including a new machine.

This ends the long era of service which Master Delbert von Strasburg has provided to the Kingdom and the SCAA, for which he deserves wide acclaim. Providing free hosting services and administering such a complex and demanding range of sites and mailing lists is a challenging and unenviable task, and he and his staff and helpers have done it for many years. We owe him a very large debt of thanks.

The new arrangements see a web server owned by the Kingdom of Lochac being hosted under the welcome auspices of Lord Raoul of Buzz, from St Florian de la Riviere and his employer, Aero-Care. Lord Raoul is the chief system administrator and is ably assisted by others in the Masonry team including Don William de Cameron, who also owns, hosts and administers the server.

Other changes to the Kingdom's web and mail handling have been taking place gradually in recent months. A significant reduction in spam has already been achieved. But the most notable change will be a gradual transition to the Kingdom's own "" domain name for all Kingdom-level office and group domains, instead of earlier country-specific "" or "" domains. The country-specific domains will still be used by the two local Societies (e.g. , and all existing site and email addresses which incorporate those domains will continue to work,e.g. But the domain will now be preferred for all in-game uses -- hence is now my published email address.

Please join me in offering profound thanks to the Kingdom's technical support staff, past and present, for their often-unseen efforts to keep us all in touch and up to date.

Bartholomew Baskin
Lochac Seneschal



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