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Clothing Attempt

Clothing, what is a reasonable attempt?

by Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora from Dieu la Vault May 2006

From Lochac Laws

X2: Clothing: In accordance with the guidelines of the SCA, all people attending official SCA events shall be wearing an attempt at a style of pre 17th Century dress.

What does this mean?

It's pretty straight forward. If anyone turns up to participate in an SCA event, they must be wearing garb. This means that Great Aunty Jemima, who wants to attend a tourney to see what you do on your weekends, must be dressed appropriately. The magical word 'attempt' is loose enough to make dressing Great Aunty Jemima very easy particularly if she's not keen on trying on any of that weird stuff. A tabard over the top of her floral frock will suffice in this case.

Most newcomers appreciate being dressed to the standard that everyone else is dressed to. It's already a strange enough environment without looking different to the rest of the people there. If you have a newcomer, do your best to dress them as well as you can. The Hospitaller is a great person to give you a hand here and will be able to provide some clothing and equipment if needed.

However, I personally believe that for any regular Society member that "attempt" is not as loose. Technically, a tabard over a pair of jeans is an "attempt". It's a pretty soft option though. If you are a regular Society person who attends events, and you're a bit short on clothing, we can help you. Contact the Arts and Sciences Offer to connect you with someone to help you get on the path to a better wardrobe.

Want to know more?

Go to the Kingdom of Lochac Seneschal's website and look for the Laws of the Kingdom of Lochac: /seneschal/index.php/standard/18