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What is a Household

A household is a group of people who like to do the same sort of things. It could be that they all like to fight, or to cook, or make things or run events. It could be just a bunch of friends that hang out and have fun shooting the breeze.  Often Households show off their heraldry to show who they are, and it can bring a delight to the field. Households can be a great way to share fun experiences with like minded people. We have many different households in St Florian de la riviere. Some of the variations include Fighting Households, Period Encampment Households, Buddies who like to have fun together, geographically challenged households, and households attached to Peers (Peer-a-mids). All of these have an important place with the Society and can bring groups together providing a close knit sense of community.

You can still feel a part of a group without joining a household! The Barony of St Florian de la Riviere is where you belong and provides a fighting militia and support through the Baron and Baroness.

The current active households of St Florian are:

If you are a member of a household within the Barony of Saint Florian de la Riviere and wish to have your section and your history on-line to share with the rest of your Barony - contact us!