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Archery GNW09

Archery Schedule (reproduced from Llwyds email to the St Florian List)

Saturday is Archery Day (That's what I call it :)

Shoot yer fingers off and recover with the fingers wrapped around a nice cold drink the rest of the Event - except of course for the Battle Clout. If you do all of them, you might need sticking plasters by then LOL. Practice will start be before the events start. I would very much like to have the events underway at the scheduled times.

Target butts will be set up on the target field from the Thursday (or earlier) right through to to Tuesday morning excepting probably Sunday (War Day). There will be no practice for the battle clout - we start, and go for it! Just like a real battle :)


  • 10:00 Royal Round
  • 11:00 Kings Round
  • 14:30 IKAC


  • 10:00 Battle Clout