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St Florian Stargazer Pot Luck

The origins of astronomy date back to Mesopotamia. Stargazing has been a part of virtually every culture and philosophy worldwide throughout history.
Which is a pretty good excuse… I mean reason to end the year St Florian event calendar with a low key, family friendly… but historically significant…theme.
A few board games and some bread will be provided. There will be eating from communal pots, a fire, some singing and a bit of stargazing.
Come and relax for a social, fun evening.

It is likely there will be some happy juice (beer/cider) brought along for adults to sample as there was a Peach Tea Cider started on Sunday.


Event Time : from 6pm
Event Date : Saturday 17 November 2012

Event Site : Leonor d'Scotia’s at Oxley – ask if you need the address

Event Type : Outdoor family friendly pot luck and social in garb

Please book!!!! Or we’ll all end up bringing strawberries! If you can’t book, come anyway, but booking will help me with bread and planning etc….

Name what you are bringing in the booking: Nibbles, Main, Dessert
Send bookings to the event stewards

(please ensure there is enough to share – e.g. enough for 4 people).



Members 12yrs and under         $0

Members 13yrs and over          $5

Non-Members 12yrs and under     $5

Non-Members 13yrs and over              $10

Payment to be made on the day. All welcome!!!


*Stewards Details*
Stewards : Nicola de Coventre and Gillian Brampton
Steward emails: or

Ps: We’re looking for someone to volunteer as fire warden for the night, so if you’re a bit of a pyro, but safe, please let me know.