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Stegby Roll of Honour

Champions of Stegby

2012 - Feast of Friendship, Slade Hall, Warwick. 14/15 July

Heavy:Rowland of Elsewhere
Rapier:Ragnarr Olafsson
Archery:Madog Llwyd ap Madog
A&S:Pouch or bag, any period - Ulfr Smidhr
Embroidered favour - Milisandia Verch Llewelyn
Children's A&S:Hand made item used at a feast - Kai Alexander (Copper Spoon)
Boffer:Elder Boffer Champion - Oscar
Younger Boffer Champion - Hannah of River Haven

2011 - Feast of Friendship, Showgrounds, Warwick. 16/17 July

Heavy:Zofija Rawicz
Rapier:Magnus Buetill
Archery:Madog Llwyd ap Madog
A&S:Viking Hats - 3Way Tie -
Dimitrii Borodinskii, Josseline de la Coeur, Theophrastus Von Oberstockstal

Viking Embroidery - Gabriella Borromei
Viking Treasure Necklace - Josseline de la Coeur
Children's A&S:Unknown item - 2way tie - Talia and Liam
Boffer:Eirik Feilan Ragnarsson

2010 - Feast of Friendship, Slade Hall, Warwick. 9/10 Oct

Heavy:Ylimys Seppá Sisul
Rapier:Ragnarr Olafsson
Archery:None. Target Butt donated to Stegby, and 'christened' :)
Children's A&S: