The Barony of Stormhold

The Barony of Stormhold is the regional branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), encompassing central and western suburbs of Melbourne and the western regional towns of Victoria, especially Ballarat.

What is the SCA and what sorts of things do we do worldwide?

The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international, non-profit, educational society celebrating pre-17th century history. It has members who study every aspect of medieval life. We are brewers, archers, calligraphers, heralds, fencers, spinners, blacksmiths, costumers, dancers, cooks and armoured fighters. We enjoy feasting, spinning, needlepoint, equestrian, leather-work, bead-work, socializing, live weapons competition, period music, theatre and much more. If someone did it back then, you can bet someone is trying to do it now.


This is the directory for the Barony of Stormhold, which is the branch of the SCA in Melbourne for the central, western and northern suburbs and especially Ballarat (Canton of Cairn Fell) and there are branches for the South Eastern Suburbs (Barony of Krae Glas) and branches at Melbourne University (StBartholomew) and Monash University (StMonica).

The Arts & Crafts guilds co-ordinate some specialist activities (Suth Gild Heall) for all Melbourne & Victoria.

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What do we do in Melbourne
If you would like to learn more about what we do you could come and talk to us at our Fighting (and Craft Hall) Monday or Dancing Thursday or come and see us in costume and fighting at Monthly Bash

See here for the calendars of the groups in Melbourne and for the Arts & Crafts guilds.

Talk to us
You can find our contact details here or you could just e-mail us for information To regularly find out what's happening you could join one of our mailing lists. see Mailing lists for details.

The semi-legal bit
The SCA was incorporated in the Australia in 1990, but counts its years from the first tournament -- actually a medieval-theme party with no thought of starting an ongoing club -- held on May 1st, 1966. This is not a corporate publication and does not delineate S.C.A.,Inc. Policy and contains no copyright material except for all photos Marshal.htm, which is copyright to the author.


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