Antonia di Lorenzo

Unto Their Majesties King Felix and Queen Eva, Their Excellencies Baron Hanbal al Barbary and Baroness Ute
von Tangermünde, the Seneschal of Stormhold Lady Annabelle Perot, and the populace of Stormhold, does
Maestra Antonia di Lorenzo send greetings and do here announce my intent to be considered as a candidate for the
position of Baroness of Stormhold.

I recognise that it is an unusual and perhaps controversial step to apply for the position solo, however there is
successful precedent in Lochac and I believe that the qualities which I can offer the Barony significantly outweigh
the potential disadvantages. I have given considerable thought to the duties and responsibilities of the role and to
possible baronial partners before making this application.

Within the Barony of Stormhold there are a number of potential candidates who are not able to consider taking on
the roles of Baron and Baroness at this time because of their family and work obligations. I have the time and
resources to commit to this position for several years and I am a mature and capable person, self-employed,
financially secure and in good health.

In terms of the skills I can offer, I have served as an officer in the RAAF, where I gained training and experience
in leadership and management, teaching and public speaking, and large scale planning. I have also previously
undertaken a number of public relations duties both within Australia and overseas, including a twelve month
student exchange in Sweden and a role as an Australian representative at ANZAC Day services in Malaysia.
Through my previous and current professional positions I am at ease with discussing sensitive topics and handling
confidential information. Within the SCA I have served on two Royal households and am currently the baronial
A&S officer. I often travel to events outside the Barony and have a wide network of friends across the Kingdom.

Addressing the question of whether I could manage the position without a baronial partner, I believe that I have
the key skills: the ability to multi-task and to maintain a healthy balance between SCA and non-SCA
commitments, and the ability to delegate. I believe that it is not the role of a leader to do everything personally,
but instead to provide direction and to encourage and assist others to develop the necessary skills and confidence
to do things themselves. As Baroness I would be working closely with the Barony’s officers and members of the
populace to set goals and make plans for Stormhold, and providing the leadership and inspiration to help the
Barony realise those goals. I am well versed in negotiating a balance between SCA and non-SCA responsibilities:
during my time in the SCA so far I have combined a professional medical career, single parenting of a teenager
and undertaking major home renovations with numerous SCA duties at both local and Kingdom level, including
catering, teaching, and some fairly ambitious arts and sciences projects culminating in being elevated to the Order
of the Laurel in 2012.

I am proud to be a part of the Barony of Stormhold and have a high regard for its culture. My desire is to see
Stormhold continue to thrive and grow in its identity and traditions, valuing the seeking of authenticity and quality
workmanship while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of fun and spectacle. I would actively
discourage any who seek to sow discord or to undermine the efforts of others. There are many differing views on
what the SCA should be and how to achieve this, and in the resources and abilities of our members: I wish to
respect this diversity and to reward all efforts within the Barony, but also to encourage more active participation,
recognising that it is only by the combined efforts of all members that we can sustain the group in the longer term.

My intention is to work closely with the Barony and the Kingdom on developing innovative recruitment
strategies, in actively recruiting new members and in endeavouring to make their experience a rewarding one.
As part of the baronial team I would encourage more of our members to take on officer and stewarding roles and
would assist in making this process less intimidating and burdensome by increasing mentoring and support by
more experienced members, and by improving our methods of preserving and passing on corporate knowledge.
I also intend to continue fostering Stormhold’s activities as part of the greater Kingdom, encouraging wayfaring
both to and from the Barony, championing those who represent the Barony in martial, service and arts and
sciences activities, and representing our Barony by continuing to travel to events in other parts of the Kingdom.
To serve the Barony as its next Baroness would be a great privilege and an honour.

Yours in service,

Antonia di Lorenzo OL

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Curriculum Vitae


Award of Arms December 2009
Star and Lily June 2011
Royal Cypher (Gabriel II and Constanzia II) June 2011
Cockatrice December 2011
Laurel June 2012 (painting, medieval art materials and techniques, medieval technology)
Royal Cypher (Siridean II and Margie) July 2012
Guildmaster of the Lochac Painters and Limners Guild, hold monthly guild workshops in Melbourne.
Stormhold Baronial Arts and Sciences officer.
other SCA activities:
feast catering and making feast subtleties (have current food handler’s and food safety supervisor’s certificates)
calligraphy/illumination for the Barony eg fealty scrolls, thank you letters and award scrolls
King’s Liveryman for the reign of Gabriel and Constanzia
Royal Scribe for the reign of Siridean and Margie
write a medieval trivia column (5 Things About...) for the Stormscroll baronial newsletter
research + teaching especially in the areas of painting and woodworking
write a blog (My Medieval Life) which includes downloadable workshop/class notes and other resources


Medical practitioner, currently working as a surgical assistant in the private hospital sector in Melbourne.
Self-employed, but with a reasonably regular schedule, minimal after hours and weekend work.

Studied medicine at Sydney University 1984-1988
Intern at Repatriation General Hospital Concord, Sydney 1989
Junior resident medical officer at Austin Hospital, Melbourne 1990

RAAF undergraduate scheme 1986-1990
Full time RAAF medical officer 1991-1995
RAAF specialist reserve 1996-1997
RAAF civilian contract medical practitioner at various Sydney locations 1998-1999

Deputy medical DISPLAN co-ordinator for Gippsland region 1994-1995

The RAAF service involved medical duties, occupational health and safety monitoring, aviation medical examiner,
leadership/management, teaching, conference presentations, setting up and running field medical facilities,
re-writing the medical section of the airfield emergency plan for RAAF Base Sale and running the (military) medical
aspects of a large scale disaster simulation.

Surgical assisting 2002-present


Born in New Zealand, moved to Australia aged 12.
Divorced, not in a relationship.
One teenage daughter who is also involved in the SCA. She completes VCE studies this year.

Student exchange to Sweden for 12 months 1981-1982 (spent the academic year in a Swedish high school).

St John Ambulance Australia volunteer 1980-1993
(volunteer first-aider, instructor, creating case scenarios and judging for first aid competitions)

Fine art folio preparation course 2001 at CAE Melbourne, plus short courses in drawing,
modern and medieval painting, mosaics, calligraphy, bookbinding and printmaking.


Q. You are known for your A&S and Service however you do not participate in martial activities. What are you plans on supporting this crucial aspect of Stormhold's growth?
A. I see myself as providing support and inspiration to our Barony's martial activities. I am keen to continue the Barony's current activities in developing a more cohesive fighting force, such as a structured training program and things which add to our martial presence such as baronial fighter tabards, shield covers, banners etc. I will need to work closely with the group marshalls and the Captains of the Baronial Guard, Rapier and Archery to monitor both the individual progress of fighters and that of the Barony as a fighting unit. In the past I have not paid a great deal of attention to the actual fighting at events, partly because in most cases I did not have any personal stake in it. As Baroness I will most definitely be cheering on all our combatants at both local events such as monthly bash and Twilight Tourney, in the distant events I already attend such as Festival, Canterbury Faire and Great Northern War and (next year, after my daughter finishes VCE) in attending some additional fighting events. With these different priorities in mind, I would scale back my personal A&S activities and focus on Baronial activities.

Q. Do you see equality of inspiration as being a part of chivalry and something that you would acknowledge in your court?
A. Most definitely.