Arts & Crafts Competition

Stormhold A&S Competition coming up.

Kits to be handed out at June Monthly Bash.
In groups of 1 to 3 people you are to take the "mystery A&S kit" and endeavour to use as many of the items as possible.
You have 3 months to produce 1 or more items, using the items from the kit as well as any additional materials you wish.
Judgement is made based on number of items used, documentation, quality, authenticity (in a pre-17th century world) and the "wow" factor for how the items were used.
Your entries must be available for viewing at the September Monthly Bash in Stormhold.
This years "Kit" will include several listed items that you will need to obtain / supply yourselves.

The winners will be announced at the main court at September Monthly Bash when our other Champions are announced. Each member of the winning team will be declared as a Champion.

Winners get to choose the ingredients for the following years challenge and are requested / encouraged to provide a information session / class on their winning entries and techniques used.