Aeddan ap Andraes and eleanora de la birche

Unto their Majesties, Felix and Eva, King and Queen of Lochac, do Aeddan and eleanora send greetings.

We wish to apply for the position of Baron and Baroness of Stormhold.

We have each played SCA for many years (eleanora for 20, Aeddan about 17), met here and are raising our children in the ideals of chivalry, courtesy, honour and the dream.

While we do not have strong household ties (eleanora has been a member of Clan Claidh Morh and Yppotryll, Aeddan a member of Ypotryll), we have strong friendships in most local households, and a good idea of what is going on right across the Barony. While we live in the Canton of Cairn Fell, we travel to central Stormhold for almost all events and monthly bashes, and roughly every second Monday night Crafthall and fighter practice. As Baron and Baroness this will not change except that we will endeavour to have at least one of us at each bash and will ensure we are at Crafthall the week of the officers meetings.

eleanora has been involved in running somewhere between 60 and 80 events. Most of these were as cook, feeding between 20 and 200, a few as steward, and numerous other roles. She has started a group to teach younger (under 30’s) members of the Barony to run events as they have expressed uncertainty about running things when their parents’ generation are so much more experienced. Over the years eleanora has held the offices of lists, A&S and herald, at college, canton and Baronial levels. Aeddan ran Stormhold Winter Feast for a few years and is currently Cairn Fell’s seneschal.

We moved from central Stormhold to Cairn Fell almost nine years ago and have been heavily involved in the canton ever since. Our home has hosted many canton meetings, eleanora has run A&S classes, and cooked when Cairn Fell hosted Bal d’Argent. During Stormhold’s troubled years, Cairn Fell played a major role in keeping the Barony running. It was in Cairn Fell that the dream was kept alive. In those days Cairn Fell members ran most of Stormhold’s events, first here in the canton and later traveling to Melbourne to run them. Aeddan and eleanora were heavily involved in this.

eleanora has done many Arts and Sciences over the years from making garb and tents to embroidery and weaving, and researching recipes and cooking feasts. She is apprenticed to Mistress Rohese de Fairhurst, and has her support in this endeavour. Aeddan has a keen interest in many areas, and has helped build tents and furniture.

Aeddan is an authourized fencer and fencing marshal. Before recently authourizing heavy he was a light combatant for about 15 years. eleanora has been Stormhold’s list keeper on and off for the last two decades. Our son, at nine, is a promising archer.

The older two kids are supportive and encouraging of this application and have said that they will help with Baronial duties and generally getting things organized for events. The youngest, Kiera, being only five just thinks it will be fun. Gwen and Ronan are both on the Mouse Guard. At bash they both help with set up and pack down, and Ronan helps Shar set up the archery. Gwen helps look after her younger sister and has helped in the kitchen at events. She wants, and has the skills, to help make the tassels and award cords for the Barony, regardless of who is Baroness. They are old enough to be a help rather than a hindrance.

If we are chosen as the next Baron and Baroness, we will do our best to recognize and encourage the work of the populace in A&S, service and fighting. We realize that we are all here by choice and to have fun. We will lead by example, and reward effort and excellence while also encouraging everyone, whether they are new or have been around for years, to try something new. We want to encourage more, smaller, simpler events, not just the bigger ones. eleanora is already working on this with the under 30’s group who are planning two events for this year. We will promote the teaching and practice of the arts and sciences as well as martial activities. We believe that the future of the SCA is in new people, whether they are adults joining or kids growing up in the SCA. While eleanora’s current focus is on mentoring the young adults to participate more and be involved in the running of activities, we are aware that another major facet is our traditions and stories. We would love to see a project where the story of the Barony is collected and passed on, in photos, stories, poems and songs, online and around the campfire.

Regardless of who is chosen as the next Baroness and/or Baron, they, and the Barony will have our full support in the coming years as they have in the past. The strength of the Barony depends on all of us working together and having fun with what we do.

In service to the dream,

eleanora de la birche, OSP, PF, OGT, OLM, ORoLi, etc.
Aeddan ap Andraes, AoA, OSR.