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Marcus, Sir Alfar & Sir Corin - Merchants at Stowe faire

Stowe Merchants

Shayrebel (Michael of Gallicia) - Leather goods, woodwork, musical instruments
Schmitt Services (Ulfrikr inn Hrafn) - Accounting, Bookkeeping, Computer Hardware, Software, Live Role Playing (Boffer) Weapons, Esoteric Book Distribution.

Rowany Merchants

Cote & Cutler Outfitters (Bess of Buckland & Karl the Cutler) - Based in Sydney, we make ready-made and custom designed historic costume and accessories for the re-enactment community at large, and for film, TV and theatre.
Phone: 0411 125 518

Lochac Merchants

Silk Promotions (Wendy & Alan Breitkreutz) - From Dismal Fogs - SCA related clothing.
Odds 'n' Sods - For Re-enactors (Taysia della Vuents) - From Mordenvale, "I sell trims, clasps, lacing tips/aglets, charms, jewellery, other garb adornments and second hand and new feasting gear."
Flaming Gargoyle Pottery (Master Alex the Potter) - From Politarchopolis - "Flaming Gargoyle Pottery is a small studio specialising in mediaeval reproduction and mediaevally-inspired ware, dragons and gargoyles."
Dragon's Hollow Ironworks (Marcellus de Damacian) - From Aneala "At the moment I am dealing mainly in basket hilts but lots of possibility to move up into full scale armour production."
Colonial Lake Books (Bryonny Beehyrd) - From Innilgard
Dragonsblood Creations (Mistress Myfanwy) - From Innilgard "Extraordinary Clothes for Extraordinary People, We don't make clothes for the timid"
Eyrika's Handspun (Eyrika von Teklenburg) - From Stormhold - Handspun embroidery wools and silks.
Lady Arganhell merch Briauc & Lord Everard Sefar - From Stormhold Lampwork Beads & Combat Legal Armour.
Email Arghanhell at & Everard at

Merchants from Far Far Away

Raymond's Quiet Press "A provider to living history and historical reenactment groups of Roman, Saxon, Viking, Celtic, and Medieval jewelry brooches, pennanullars, cloak clasps, belt buckles, stiffeners, and tips, spurs, crosses, thor's hammers, pendants, hip belts, helm brasses and drinking horns."
Francesco Sirene, Spicer - From An Tir
Steve Millingham Pewter Replicas - From the UK

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The Merchants site is a listing of merchants available in Lochac. We do not necessarily endorse their products, if you purchase their wares, you do so at your own bidding.

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