Stowe's device


Within Stowe, there are a few smaller groups called households
namely House Pandora, Hawkhurst, Shadowfall, Descartes and Black Tear.
Households are groups of people who share something in common. It might be fighting, running events, arts and sciences, a combination of all of these or something completely different.
Needless to say, Households enrich our Canton and we are glad they are there.

An earlier photo of Hawkhurst and Shadowfall

Jouyessance is our dance band, we are a lucky enough Canton to have our own band. They are dedicated to ensure that we have live music at our events and bring a bit of life to the party.
Jouyessance at Stowe Faire

The Ballista Sisters
Giving them some "Love from Above"
enjoy the art of siege weaponry on the war-field

The Sisters at Festival, 2004.

Please visit the SOoP or our Gentry Book so you can see who the people in our Canton are, look at their heraldry and see what awards people have.
Don't forget, if someone has done something that has impressed you, you can recommend them for a Baronial Award by writing to the

Baron & Baroness of Rowany.

Or you can recommend them for a Kingdom level Award by writing to

Their Majesties, the King & Queen of Lochac.

For more information about the Canton of Stowe on the Wowld, contact the Seneschal.