Stowe's device


In these pages, you will find some articles put together by some of the people in amd around Stowe to help get you started.

Making Stowe Stripey Pants - Lady Gillian Brampton
Making a Stowe Tabbard - Lady Gillian Brampton
A Basic Guide to Running an Event in Stowe - Lady Fineamhain an Einigh ui Concobhair
Favourtite Haunts (shop till you drop in Sydney) - Lady Tyghra na Tintagel
Making a Basic Shield - Baron Kasian Astrakhanivich (Caspian)
Beginner's Guide to Fabric - Lady Ildaria (from the St. Ursula website)
How to Make a T-tunic - Lady Ildaria (from the St. Ursula website)
Berengar's Fighting Guide - Sir Berengar of Nancy
Checklist for first time Festival campers