Lochac Woodworkers Guild - Photo Gallery

Included here are photos of items made by guild members. If you'd like more information about a particular item, contact the guild master and we'll see what we can do.

Gothic Benches.
By Eirikr the Eager
Added: April 2005
Two benches Campsite with furniture
A list arch and a snood frame.
By Jean-Paul Blaquiere
Added: October 2005
List shield arch Snood frame
One of the crossroads bridges.
By Blayney Boltovson
Added: October 2005
Bridge building
A bombard and ammunition chest for SCA combat.
By Eirik the Eager
Added: December 2008
Bombard Bombard Bombard
Child-size rope beds.
By Crispin Sexi
Added: December 2008
Rope beds
A norse toy horse.
By Crispin Sexi
Added: February 2011
Norse toy horse
A sign.
By Michael of Stowe
Added: October 2011
A sign in the shape of a shield The sign being used at a fair
A cross and a circle, featuring knotworked designs.
By Michael of Stowe
Added: October 2011
Celtic-styled wooden cross Celtic-styled wooden disc
Glastonbury chair, made for sir Kane, from recycled floorboards.
He changed the pattern a little so that it could be folded up for easy transport.
By Wod
Added: May 2012
Carving on armrest Glastonbury chair Glastonbury chair from another angle
Ambry Cupboard.
By Crispin Sexi
Added: May 2012
Ambry cupboard Carving on ambry cupboard More carving on the ambry cupboard
Bench Stool.
By Francois Henri Guyon
Added: July 2016
Bench stool side view Bench stool frond view